Shop 'til you drop at this sale!
Our spring sale brings out the earlybird sellers and shoppers!  Will you be one of them?

Sale Details for Shoppers:

Friday, July 19th - 9am-3pm
Saturday, July 20th - 9am-3pm
***The sale (and checkout) will close precisely at 3:00pm on Saturday so that our team of volunteers can begin pulling and sorting items for seller pickup.***


Besides your list and smaller bills (ones, fives, and tens), we recommend that you bring a basket to hold items as you shop.  At our checkout counter, we will have bags for carrying your items home.


Park in front of the church and follow the signs up the stairs to the sale.  *If you have a disability that prevents you from using stairs for entry, please contact our organizer via email to arrange an alternate entrance.*  

If you purchase a large quantity, or they are just too heavy to carry to your vehicle, we will direct you to pull your vehicle around to a rear entrance while one of our volunteers brings your items out that door on a cart for you to pickup there.


1. CASH:  If you are paying cash, we ask that you please bring smaller bills, rather than large bills. (We will accept large bills, but if everyone brings smaller ones, we, hopefully, will not run out of change for the customers OR for the payout to sellers at the end of our event.)  
***THIS IS A CHANGE TO THIS SALE:  You will NOT have to place individual payments into envelopes for this sale!  We will add up your purchases at the counter and take your total payment at once.  Our organizers will reconcile payments to sellers at the end of the sale.

2. *NEW THIS SALE!*  PAYPAL PAYMENT ACCEPTED! We will also have Paypal available for digital payments for your entire transaction at checkout!  (No more single transaction payments!) You will need to show one of our volunteers at checkout that you have paid digitally for the total, and that it was sent via the no-fee "send to friend/family" option.  If you send your payment and a fee is taken out, you'll be required to send the additional fee to cover the full cost of the items you are buying.

We hope that these changes make this shopping process even easier, faster, and better than every sale before!  

Interested in being a SELLER, too?  Click HERE.
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