“What’s in a name?”, Juliet asked aloud, as Romeo listened from below.  
“That which we call a rose, by any other name, would smell as sweet.”

Juliet is right.  A rose will smell like a rose, even if we call it a tulip or carnation.  
The name of the flower matters not.
But our name matters, and we want you to understand why we chose it.

Definition of alliance:  a connection based on common interests

At Alabama Homeschool Alliance (ALHSA), we hope to provide an avenue of communication and help. We want to serve families who desire to home-educate.  

Our purposes are to INFORM, EMPOWER, ENCOURAGE, and UNIFY.

We want to educate and INFORM those who have questions or are curious about how to make quality homeschooling happen, or who are not sure of their rights or responsibilities as a homeschooler.  We want to EMPOWER fathers and mothers to have, and never give up, their authority as the parent(s) in decisions regarding their child(ren)’s education. We want to ENCOURAGE those who might not think they can do this, or who grow weary in the daily grind. 

For the community of homeschool LEADERS, we hope to UNIFY with all across the state who have so much to offer homeschoolers! We hope to do this by getting to know more, if not all, of the leaders across our state who serve homeschoolers in various ways SO THAT we can point homeschoolers to them!  As we, hopefully, provide this type of help to individual homeschoolers, we want to connect them with the leaders in their areas and to the services provided by them!

So, who is “we”?

“We” are a group of individuals who simply want to serve–and serve with EXCELLENCE.  We also are passionate about working (or fighting) to KEEP our freedom to home educate.  Those involved with Alabama Homeschool Alliance have connected over these common interests.  The table may have started with one person, but it is growing already as more hear of and share our purpose, and they desire to offer their own service to our community of homeschoolers.

We look forward to serving YOU!