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Subscriptions are billed monthly or annually to the payment method you have on file with us. We use Braintree, a PayPal company, for processing payment information. No sensitive payment information is ever stored on AttractWell's servers.

We hope you are happy with our service. If you ever have any problems, please reach out to our support by emailing and we will do our best to resolve them. If you do wish to cancel your subscription, you may do so any time online by logging in to AttractWell here and clicking the Settings link My Plan link in the My Acccount menu, then clicking on My Plan.

We issue refunds for subscriptions within 30 days of the original purchase of the subscription to the AttractWell product. This guarantee time frame may be shorter or not be offered for other products and services we offer. Please see individual product and service descriptions for details about a money-back guarantee period. If you have signed up for a custom domain and cancel during the 30 day trial period after AttractWell has registered your desired domain name, you will be refunded your purchase price minus $20 USD for domain registration. If AttractWell has not registered your desired domain name at the time of your cancellation within the 30 day money back guarantee period, you will receive a full refund.

You may also cancel after the 30 day money back guarantee period. If you do cancel after the 30 day money back guarantee period, no refunds will be issued.

We recommend contacting us for assistance at if you experience any issues using our products.

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